Machine Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program and maintenance retainers involve the setup, management, documentation and operation of a preventative maintenanceprogram for our customers across the food and allied industries.

Maintenance Process

Our maintenance team will analyze your process. The will document all assets to fall under the program and create a full and detailed preventative maintenance schedule on your assembly line, machine or plant facilities – inspecting, cleaning and replacing damaged and worn components as well as components identified from the historical downtime data as being at risk of failure. Each individual component replaced or grease nipple greased will be recorded and digitalised on a monthly basis.

By taking one of our maintenance retainer packages you will have the benefits of:

  • less unexpected machine breakdowns slowing production
  • less downtime due production loss
  • less costs for employing dedicated maintenance staff
  • Avoiding high costs for large repairs that could have been prevented
  • Continued high standards for safety
  • An excellent track record of your machinery and work done to each individual machine

If you would like to use our services please download our service request form under the " Service Request" tab or feel free to contact us with all our contact information being on the "Contact Us" tab